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The BioMA Models

A rich library of biophysical models is already implemented under the BioMa framework. Currently, there are three web sites for accessing the existing models and libraries:
• The Agri4Cast Software Portal,
• the web site of the University of Milan - Cassandra Models for Change and,
• the web site of the Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA).

The plant library is made of modular strategies that combined together allow to replicate the behavior of models such as CROPSYST, WOFOST, WARM, CANEGROW or STICS.
The weather library provides algorithm related to the computation of weather variables that influence the plant growth.
The stress library deals with the stress that can affect the growth of the plants, should they be biotic or abiotic.
The soil library offers different way to model the evolution of the water, nitrogen and carbon content of the soil.
The agriculture management library implements the management events in a simulation model.